Monday, 3 March 2014


When I woke this morning, it was grey, overcast and starting to rain.
I had plans, I despaired as the rain ran down the windows and the garden got soggier. I put a load of laundry on to wash and popped out to do the weekly shop. We were running out of milk. No tea! Disaster... By the time I'd done that and loaded the car, the sun had decided to show it's face and it was glaringly bright on the wet tarmac all the way home. Grr.
Got home, unloaded shopping, put it all away. Sun still shining, this is good. Hung the laundry on the washing line. Sun still shining, sky still blue! Amazing.
Then to work, and I ache now, just so you know. I took the overgrown, formerly coppiced willow, trimmed a few thicker branches to use as the main supports, and some thinner ones to weave in. Each branch needed pushing into the ground about a foot, and then tied and woven together to form the fedge.
Looks messy now, but as the stems grow and leaves start to appear it'll fill out nicely.

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