Wednesday, 22 July 2015

I'm curious.

I'm writing this blog on a semi-regular basis. My stats are showing increased visitors, and some posts are getting more views than others.
But, I wonder, how many of you are real?
I'd like to find out, but I need your help. I can see roughly where visitors are coming from. The blogger package shows me a country of origin, but not a specific location. I can see that most of the traffic comes from facebook or google plus. Over half my blog visitors are using mozilla firefox as a browser, about a quarter use google chrome, and only 10% use internet explorer. My most popular post, so far, is the hen house complete-ish post from the other day.
But how much of that information reflects bots, or other automated software, and not real people?
If you are real, can you please say Hi in the comments? I'd love that.
And just because posts with pictures get more views too....
Here's a picture of my cat. Her name is Tabs, and she's grain intolerant, doesn't wander far from home, and is a useless hunter.

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