Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Days 11 and 12: Floor!

Day 11, yesterday, was a second coat of paint, and a chat with tenant liaison about a handful of little things that need sorting. Nothing to take pics of, no really big changes, not a lot to write about.
Day 12, today, was flooring. The kitchen floor is down, not the bathroom. Some sort of communication misadventure there, what a surprise.Kitchen floor looks good.
Also today was lots of other, smaller, jobs. The kitchen now has a window sill, the wonky door frame got patched with some plaster filler (I'm really not happy with the response there, or the result, but that's a chat with TL another day) and the kitchen unit plinths got fixed properly, most of them. There are a couple to be finished off tomorrow.
There have been bigger changes in the bathroom. The shower rail and curtain is up, and the shower is now plumbed in and working, both kids have used it and say it's good. The bathroom floor has been boarded but the flooring not laid yet - I lost track of what the excuse was but someone said it "wasn't on the job list." Someone else said they "don't know what flooring was chosen." And someone else said that the floor wasn't ready. So, I have no clue what happened there, and clearly, neither does anyone else. Allegedly the bathroom floor will be going in tomorrow.
Bathroom window sill is also in, and the bath side panels are on.
It's all looking good.
So, just a couple of days to go and there's a short list of things to be finished or looked at.
  • Bathroom floor
  • Possible very small leak in the bathroom 
  • Toilet flush handle is loose
  • Hole to be patched on landing ceiling
  • Last kitchen unit plinths to be fixed
  • Kitchen door frame
  • Broken light bulb in kitchen light
  • Seal round floors and units
  • Paint touch up where patches have been done

There may be other things to pick up when I do a more detailed look for the final snagging day, but it's not a huge list and it's not major stuff.

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