Tuesday, 20 May 2014


To grow small, button mushrooms... I think they're button mushrooms? The sort you can buy in supermarkets, small, closed cap, pink gills inside.
  • Buy kit in Poundland - choose from Chestnut or White.
  • Follow instructions carefully - be especially careful not to over water the compost, a plant sprayer used to lightly mist it once a day is enough. 
  • Keep it in a cupboard, somewhere coolish, not too cold, not too warm, out of draughts, not near any direct heat, and definitely not too dry. 
  • Check it obsessively several times a day as if the mushrooms will appear by magic within minutes...
  • Around a week later you'll see white stuff appear up the sides and on the surface of the compost, it may have little nodules: 
  •  Keep checking, misting with water - but don't poke the nodules! They'll be getting bigger - turning into little baby mushrooms.
  • Pick first mushroom when really too small and eat anyway, after all, there'll be more soon, right? 
  • Go and get the other sort from Poundland, just because it's fun.
It's taken just under a month from setting the kit up to the first edible mushroom, and it looks like there are more coming. This first one came up and just grew really fast, and I couldn't wait.

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