Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mission accomplished!

Growing failures update: 

  • First lot of courgettes eaten by slugs. Had to resort to slug pellets but got pet friendly ones, hope they're ok.
  • Carrots are rubbish - but we're not alone in that on the allotment site, lots of people have had a complete failure to germinate so far. Might be worth re-sowing soon though. 
  • Cucumbers keep turning yellow and falling off the plants - any ideas? 
  • Runner beans looking pale and anaemic - no clue why, has been suggested they might not like it chilly at night? Or someone suggested a dose of epsom salts? 
  • Mushrooms each did 1 'shroom, and I got all excited and ate them, but then stopped doing anything. 
  • Most of the tomato plants eaten by slugs. 

Having said that, the plot is looking fuller and productive now. Spuds are coming on a treat, and I'm having to resist digging a plant up to see what it's doing! I always have to fight the urge to dig and look too soon. The replacement courgettes are in alongside one of the pumpkin plants, with a liberal sprinkling of slug pellets - must get more when I go shopping. The red onions are tall and strong, and I hope the bulbs are swelling nicely below the surface. They don't look fat enough to pull and eat yet but they're doing well. My peas actually have little pods forming, and I was laughed at the other day when I got all excited about that.

Of the first 6 sprout plants I put in the plot, 2 are doing well (as in the pic), 2 are smaller but ok, and 2 got eaten - blaming the damned slugs again! This week I topped up the sprout patch with more plants so there are 12 there now. I think that might do, seeing as only 2 of us eat them!
Back in February when we this first took on this plot, my goal was to "grow something we can eat." Yesterday we picked the first leaves from the swiss chard, wilted them with a little butter and ate them as part of our Sunday dinner.
Mission accomplished, and although I know there'll be more to eat from the allotment, and the garden too, that first crop tastes so good, and the sense of achievement is immense.

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