Sunday, 29 June 2014

Reclaimed wood planter

I've been collecting pallets. They're really for making a chicken coop and run, but time, energy, weather have been against me so far. I'll get there, give it time!
I also have half a dozen or so tomato plants in desperate need of potting on, no pots the right size or depth, and I don't want to put them up at the allotment - I want some at home too, to see where they do best. So, in between threatening rain clouds (that never actually shed any rain, the sods, the garden and allotment could have used a water today) I ripped apart one of the not so good pallets and made myself a little planter.
It's wonky as hell, the feet underneath are uneven, and the wood is rough and a bit splintery... But I made it, the tomatoes are planted in it, and it didn't fall apart! I'm planning to make another for my pepper plants, and wondering if I can make a chicken feeder too?

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