Thursday, 3 April 2014

11 years ago, and today.

Early in the morning, on April 3rd 2003, I woke thinking I was having Braxton Hicks contractions. I turned over and went back to sleep...
By 7am I was at the hospital, and by 9.30am I was the mother of a beautiful little girl, a sister to my son.
Today she is almost as tall as me, ending her days at primary school, looking towards secondary school and the next phase of her life and education. She is tagged as gifted and talented in at least 3 subjects and her teacher admits she sometimes struggles to keep up with her.
Happy Birthday, Morgan, I am so incredibly proud of you. 
On Easter Sunday she is giving up her day to help others, again. She's donning the helmet and harness and climbing down a rock to raise money for people with chronic lung conditions - like her Grandmother.
If you fancy lending a hand click the button here:

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!
Or Text MBAB96 to 70070 to sponsor her £3.00. It's quick, easy, and will really help change lives.Over the time this event has been running, the abseil alone has raised over £35,000 and has been instrumental in funding equipment and support for people living with lung conditions. In 4 years, Morgan has raised almost £1,000. As I type this her total for this year is £245, and I'd love for her to exceed that. 
Can you help? Go on, click the button, or text MBAB96 to 70070. 
Thank you.

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