Thursday, 24 April 2014

Let the planting commence...

Having cleared the worst of the weeds from the allotment bed, and dug it over once all over and twice over about half, we started planting yesterday.
  • 2 short rows of 6 potatoes - Desiree
  • 2 short rows of onions - Red Baron
  • 2 crowns of rhubarb - variety unknown
We also installed a compost bin and part filled it with hedge clippings and cut grass, with a few weeds from the allotment.
At home some of the seeds are up and thriving.
  • Sprouts
  • Courgette - 3 varieties: long green, long yellow, and round green
  • Chard - Bright lights, multi-coloured
  • Tomatoes - Tigrella (stripey) and Gardener's Delight (Red)
  • Peas - Kelvedon Wonder (Old seed and hasn't generated as many plants as I hoped)
The pepper and pumpkin have both failed to emerge so far. I need to get that lot potted on and a bit bigger before I can harden them off outside before they can go up to the allotment. It's quite an exposed site and the plants need to be sturdy before they go up.
Also at home I've planted one of the apple trees (Cox) by the fence at the back end of the garden, the rowan tree by the wall, and rhubarb on the left side of the path. I'll be adding the tayberry and red gooseberry to the patch where the rhubarb is, so there's fruit on both sides of the garden.
Then there's carrot, broccoli, broad and french beans, to plant. And more potatoes and onions to go in, and a home to find for the strawberries. And that's before I start thinking about the other apple tree, the rose bushes and the other flowers, and at least one child wants to grow sunflowers. It's going to be a busy year, but, I hope, a productive one.

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