Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Today the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the year is ticking away. This morning was grocery shopping and the cupboards are now full again. This afternoon was dog walking, and the sun was warm, the breeze not biting and the trees are bursting into green.
What else could I do but dive into the shed when I got back, pull out the seed trays and seeds and sow some!
  • 3 varieties of courgette - round green, long green, and long yellow.
  • Pumpkin - Jack O'Lantern: a smallish variety I've grown before. Not too big and does well, usually, not sure how it'll do here!
  • 2 varieties of tomato - Tigrella (stripey!) and Gardener's Delight.
  • Sprouts - a red variety.
  • Chard - Bright Lights: Multi-coloured.
  • Pea - Kelvedon Wonder - but it's an old pack so not sure how it'll do.
  • Pepper - not sure what variety, it's a pack of seed I've acquired from somewhere, possibly seed saved at some point.
I've not set carrots to germinate yet, or potatoes, and I'm missing beans - broad and french, not sure if I want runners yet. Also need to find window space for parsnips, beetroot, leek and some herbs. And I need to make some paper pots.
It's feeling a bit Spring-like.

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