Sunday, 27 April 2014

Having a go at mushrooms.

Today it rained. Lots. The plan of popping up to the allotment to sow some carrots, put in some peas and dig over again didn't happen.
We popped into town instead. I had in mind to grab some more pots to bring things on at home, and I did get those... But I also picked up seed for lettuce, carrots, and some very pretty peppers, and a mushroom growing kit.
I've tried to grow mushrooms before, many years ago, and they've never done well, but I thought I'd give them another go. Allegedly, there may be a chestnut mushroom kit available there too, I think I may have to have a look for one if this one does ok. I may take pics if I get any 'shrooms!
On the windowsill at home I have thriving tomatoes and courgettes. The peas are outside in their seed tray, waiting for a dry enough day to plant them out at the allotment and the chard and sprouts aren't quite so vigorous, I think they need better light so I'm popping them outside for most of each day - which wasn't such a good idea today as a few have been damaged by the heavy rain.
Tomorrow's job will be to sort out more space for seed sowing at home, and to get things started. I have peppers to get going, and some flowers too - pretty and also helps encourage insects to help with fruit and veg pests, as well as bringing bees into the garden and allotment to help with pollination. No pollination = no fruit.


  1. Looking forward to finding out how you get on with the 'shrooms, Sarah. I've often thought they would be fun to grow, but have always suspected that they would either not work at all or give a crop so small that it would be cheaper and easier to buy a pack of nice organic ones from the local market. Do post your results in a few weeks!

    Kind regards

    1. This is a small kit from Poundland - and at that price I thought it might be fun to give it a go. We don't use many mushrooms, as the kids don't like them, so it's more a bit of fun than anything else. I'll keep you posted.

    2. Hey, Simon!
      'Shrooms are starting to appear! Just tiny little dots at the moment, but they're there. Will update as they get bigger.


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