Saturday, 9 November 2013

A picture of us.

I'm a parent. I have children. I have a phone with a camera.
What I don't have is anyone who will take pictures of me with my kids, and getting my kids to stay close enough to each other to be in the same picture is close to impossible.
There are some family snapshots with various combinations of us all in, but I've become very aware that my children are growing fast and I don't have any really nice pictures of all of us, together. There are other posts and articles around the internet discussing the notion that family pictures often don't have everyone in, because someone is always holding the camera. Or that one parent is always too busy to sit down for a photo. Or that someone is always missing.
My photo files, and albums, are very much like that. Lots of images of children, pets, house, garden, landscape, friends.... But I'm noticeable by my absence. And now I have a teenager. Where did all that time go? Where are the memories, the pictures?
So, today I made the children put on clothes that weren't shapeless t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms, and I took them to a proper photographer to get a bunch of shots done.
I'll get a set of around 20 on disc at the end of next week, then I can get some printed and framed and I'll be happier. And Christmas presents for various family will be sorted as well. Bonus!
Do you have those special pictures of you with your family?

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