Friday, 22 November 2013

Day 5: Signing off for the weekend.

The light is hanging from the ceiling, I can see a bare wire - but have been assured that it's the earth, and therefore "safe". I'm no electrician, but bare wire? Doesn't look or feel "safe" to me.
Aside from that, it's the end of week 1 (of 3), where are we?
 In the kitchen: The wall is gone, the wiring, sockets and light are all where they should be - having been moved about, again. The walls are patched and skimmed and the plaster is slowly drying. The cooker and washing machine are connected and available for use - but only after I called to drag a plumber back to reconnect the washer this evening. To be fair, there's only been 1 day I was without the washer, the cooker has been reconnected every day, or left connected and they've worked round it. I shouldn't have had to call for a plumber, and I could have reconnected the washer myself, but they're meant to do that as part of their end of day checks and it clearly isn't being done.
In the bathroom: There's still no sink, the bath is open underneath. There's dust and mess all over everything and the new fan they've fitted seems to be permanently on and makes a low level hum all day and all night. It's annoying me now, must remember to ask how to turn the damned thing off! Would have been useful to know that on the day they fitted it, which was Wednesday.
It's only been a week but I'm not impressed with the organisation on this. Simple communication would solve a lot of the issues. I'm at the end of the program of works, all this should have been ironed out months ago. 
The plastic floor protector stuff is still down and we're all walking dust and muck all over the rest of the house. And I broke the hoover - which isn't actually a hoover, but it's a vacuum cleaner and we all call them hoovers, don't we? Not really broke it, not properly.... one of the wheels on the sucky head part had broken so it doesn't move across the floor as well as it should. Right now it's no big deal, but I'll want to replace it once the work is finished. Cleaning up after it's all done could be fun.

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