Thursday, 28 November 2013

Day 9: Bathroom tiles and paint.

The new bath is noticeably smaller than the old one, but fills faster as a result. I'm not sure about the taps - the bath, bathroom and kitchen sinks, all have taps with levers, like hospital taps. I suppose they're easier to use for some people and I'm sure we'll get used to them, but they're not what I would have chosen. 
Call me odd though, but the new toilet is actually rather nice. I never thought of a toilet as aesthetically pleasing, but the shape of this one is actually quite easy on the eye. It's sort of more squat and rounded than the old one, and I quite like it.
The bathroom tiles are now up, although there are none round the sink? I'll have to check that tomorrow. I'd have expected some sort of splash-back for the sink as well as the shower/bath area. The tiles are big, and the decorative bit complements the kitchen tiles. They're still covered with grout dust, but still looking good. The bathroom still looks a mess and is a long way from looking good, but it's starting to get there.
In other bathroom news... The new light fitting blew a bulb this evening and I have no clue how to change the bulb, or what sort of bulb it takes.  Oldest child has christened the new bath and declared it to be "comfy" but the hot tap doesn't get hot enough.
The kitchen, on the other hand, has the first coat of paint on and will be getting a second coat tomorrow. I do have to check on the possible replacement of some door-frame trim. I'm not sure if it was meant to be replaced, but it's so knackered that if they just paint over the peeling and bubbles existing paint, it'll look a mess. It'd be a shame to have that one, small, area look a mess in the middle of all the new stuff. I hope they'll fix it.
Kitchen light fitting repaired and now secure.
Still left to do: Flooring in both kitchen and bathroom; painting to be finished in both kitchen and bathroom; shower to be fitted in bathroom.
Snags to be queried: Bathroom light; kitchen light (replacement bulb for the broken one); Door dropped on one cupboard (one handle is lower on a pair of doors and it's annoying me!); door frame trim.
Not bad, even if it is taking too long.

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