Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 4: Some plastering.

Not all of the plastering, and not what I expected. But some plastering.
They turned up at 8.15, and were long gone when I got back at 3.00.
They were working and getting on with things when I popped back in at around 10.
When I was told I was having the kitchen and bathroom done, I knew what level of work to expect - having been through it before. I think I've mentioned this before.
So... I expected the kitchen to be ripped out, and the bathroom - all units, appliances, fixtures and fittings. I expected dirt and dust and chaos. I expected them to rewire, to replace the pipes and gas supply. And I expected them to strip the walls back to brick and re-plaster.
No. They've patched and skimmed over the existing plaster. I really don't understand the reasoning there. Surely, with the amount of work being done, it would make sense to strip back and re-render and then skim? So, patches of the bathroom are still marked and rough. I'm hoping the areas they've left will correspond with the areas to be tiled.
Oh, and the ceiling. They've put up boards to level it and then plastered over most of it. Yes, most of it, because they didn't have enough boards on the van. Really? There have been people in and out of this house for days, with pre-work checks and measurements being done months ago. No-one measured the ceiling? No-one said to take extra boards?
And, again, no-one thought to tell me when they'd turn up today, or what was due to be worked on, and I have no idea what time to expect people tomorrow. I know the same blokes will be back to finish the ceiling and they think there's something else going on tomorrow.
Communication is sorely lacking and I'm not impressed with the lack of organisation.
More tomorrow...

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