Thursday, 28 November 2013

Day 8: Kitchen tiles and bathroom bits

Sorry, this post is a day late and pic heavy, bear with it while it loads up.
So, today...
First they ripped out the bathroom, removing the bath and toilet. Then they realised there was no replacement bath! Oops...
So, a bath was ordered - to be fair, all dealt with with minimal fuss and the bath was promised by the end of the day. 
Then they found the new toilet and cistern didn't match, or something, and a new one of those had to be brought too. Again, all dealt with quietly and efficiently. Nice one, plumber, you can have a gold star!
He did keep setting the smoke alarms off with his soldering, but that's understandable. 
Around lunchtime there was a toilet sat on the stairs, and Tenant Liaison came to visit the kittens see how things are progressing.
In the afternoon the tilers moved in to start on the kitchen. Warm cream tiles with a mosaic decorative panel, and they look great, better than I was expecting. The mosaic is resin and stone effect squares, some with shiny stuff behind, and they really catch the light. I really like those. It's a small detail, but I really do like them. The cupboards are all full now - the kitchen fitters said to fill the units to get some weight in to see if they settle. They shouldn't but if they do then that can be fixed on snagging day next week. 
It took all day to sort out the bathroom, but in the end it's all back in and looking very clean and shiny. That won't last long, eldest child has a rugby match on Thursday afternoon. 
So, what's left to do?
Painting both kitchen and bathroom, twice, including glossing the woodwork and possibly renewing the damaged trim round a door frame. Tiling the bathroom and flooring in both kitchen and bathroom. Then tidying up and dealing with any snagging issues.
The end is in sight, and it's starting to look good.

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