Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Here we go again

A few years ago, in the old house, we had the kitchen and bathroom ripped out and replaced. It was chaos, with dust, noise and mess for a couple of weeks. But the end result was great, a huge improvement on what was there before.
Then we moved.
Now we have to do it all again.
I've been looking for the before and after pics of that set of works, but I can't find them. They're not on my hard-drive, not on a memory stick and I can't find them on any of the CDs I have with data on either. They used to be on facebook, but I've obviously deleted the album there too. I took a couple of pics each day and the sequence would have shown what to expect.
Never mind.
The layout of this new house is better for this kin of work, with a separate sitting room we can move stuff into to keep it all out of the way. It'll be cramped for a couple of weeks but we'll cope and it's going to be great once it's finished.
I intend to take pics again, and I intend to blog it if I have power and internet through the work - there may be days where I don't.

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