Saturday, 2 November 2013


I love the weather, mostly from the security and warmth of inside my home, but I do love the weather. It's powerful and scary and beautiful, all at the same time.
Today, driving back along the sea front, the sand was blowing across the road and the patterns it made were amazing. It was like magic, a vortex of particles, spinning into another world. Or maybe they came from another world? I'm glad I was driving, I wouldn't want to be walking in it. You'd lose skin in the sandstorm today. Cheap exfoliation, maybe?
Maybe not.
Further on the car was hit by torrential rain, almost obscuring the windscreen. I thought about finding a safe place to stop and wait it out, but by the time I found somewhere it had blown over and was headed somewhere else. But it was heavy and not that safe for driving in.
As the rain lightened, the forest on the side of the valley I was driving along was filled with mist, in layers like paper-cuts in shades of grey. I wish I had a better camera, and time to stop and take pictures. It was stunning. A view to really take your breath away.
Safe at home now, with the kettle on, while I still have power - it keeps cutting out and I suspect it'll be erratic through the evening. So, a fresh brew and curl up with a book is in order.
Stay safe, everyone.

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