Monday, 18 November 2013

Day 1: Demolition.

The van arrived, and I went out for the day. The shopping needed doing anyway, and once that was done I sought sanctuary at a friend's house.
All because today was demolition day.
The bathroom's not much different - the tiles are off the wall, the sides off the bath and the built in storage under the sink is gone - but it still looks like a bathroom.
It's not messy and the bath, although looking odd without the panels, is secure and steady and I'll be soaking in it later!
The kitchen, on the other hand......
More like, What kitchen?

The wall is gone, the door is gone and the radiator (attached to the wall) is gone. The cupboards, drawers, tiles, and a large slice of floor - all gone. The kitchen is now reduced to a building site with holes where the wall used to be and dust everywhere. The cooker and washing machine are still in place, and still connected so we can use them, and there is a temporary sink so washing up can happen.
It's actually not as bad as I'd feared, and although it feels a bit like camping, it's mostly functional, if not overly pleasant or practical.
Today's changes have been dramatic; the removal of a whole wall would have that effect. I imagine subsequent days may well be less big and obvious changes, although the overall process will be interesting to watch unfold and the end result will be great.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
See you in the morning. 

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