Friday, 29 November 2013

Day 10: Shower and paint.

The painters were here nice and early, around 8.30, but they weren't stopping just picking up a key. That meant I could go off out for the day.
A long hike up and over the mountain and then back through the village with a friend and her dog and my legs feel like they're going to drop off! I needed to get out and get the fresh air and exercise though.Then this afternoon it was the school Christmas fayre. Nothing spectacular but I'd be told off by my youngest if I didn't go, we I went and bought some stuff, had a cuppa and then I could take her home early.
In the bathroom, there's paint on the walls, the light is fixed and the shower unit is in but not plumbed in and not to be used yet.
It's looking good though, and will look better once I get the grout cleaned off the tiles.
Still to be done in the bathroom: Flooring, another coat of wall paint, gloss on the woodwork; bath side to be put on; window sill replaced and everything sealed where needed.
I need to remember to ask whether there's any sort of splashback being fitted round the sink.
Then I can start thinking about where the mirror, cupboard and other bits are going to go in there.
The kitchen is getting there too. The tiles are finally looking clean and there's less grout dust everywhere. Today was the second coat of paint so there's not much to see. But, we moved a large cupboard out of the way, realising there was nowhere for it to go in the new layout, and the space it's made really makes a difference.
Still to do in the kitchen: Snagging on the cupboards and drawers - uneven and out of alignment; flooring to go down; door frame trim to be replaced; woodwork gloss; fix the fan housing (loose and not flush to the wall); window sill to be fitted; plinths under the units to be fixed (after the floor is done).
Now we have a weekend off and then it's into the final week and it looks like they might be finished early. 

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