Monday, 18 November 2013

Countdown. D minus 1.

It's tomorrow.
The kitchen is cleared, the bathroom will be finished in about half an hour. Then tomorrow morning, around 8.30am, the workforce arrives to start the chaos!
So, what's happening? My kitchen and bathroom are both being ripped out, a wall removed and a new kitchen and new bathroom are being put in.
This is the kitchen as it is now.
It's a narrow, galley style arrangement, that is functional but not easy for more than one person - and my kids like to chat while I'm cooking, and sometimes want to help or be helped in there too. It can be a bit, erm, cosy.
 The door, open in the second pic, leads to the dining/living room and is handy for shutting out washing machine noise!
But it's going. The door is going, the wall is going, and the kitchen is going. In its place, over the course of around 3 weeks, will develop a spacious kitchen/diner/living space that is open, light and hugely more useful and practical. It's going to be great. The brick dust, noise and hassle will be unpleasant to live with, but it's a small price to pay and relatively short lived. It'll be done and still looking new and shiny for Christmas!

The bathroom as it is now.
Again, it's tiny, narrow and, quite frankly, a bit grotty. It's functional, but not very nice.
No walls being moved here, and nowhere to extend it really but it'll get an overhaul and I'll be gaining an over-bath shower, which will be great. There's not a lot they can do with the layout, and no room to change it really - but new floor, tiles and fittings will all help.
I'm aiming to blog pics as the work goes on. The process and developments will be fun to watch!

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