Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day 3: Sparkies and holes

A nice prompt 8.45ish start. Well, prompt.... early anyway and a full days work done by the 2 who arrived.
Today saw a fan fitted in the bathroom and the cabling for the shower is now in place - don't worry that circuit is dead until the shower goes in.
The fan seems to work.
It does feel very odd having a bath in what looks like a building site! But at least it's all functional and we can have a bath.
I do wish they'd taken the time to clean up in the bathroom, the bath was filthy and I had to clean it before the kids could get washed this evening.
I'm not sure what the idea is behind taking the sink out at this stage, it's a pain in the rear end and seems to serve no purpose that I can tell. Why not leave it in until the new one is due to go in?
Not a clue.
So, the kitchen. It's still a case of "What kitchen?" really.
Today they rewired it, again, and moved the new light fitting. That area was rewired only a couple of weeks ago, why they couldn't do it now.... Ah well, another argument for another day.
The kitchen sockets are now where I want them, and the light has been centralised according to the dimensions of the designated kitchen space in the room.  The cooker is now roughly where it's going to end up, and the under counter sockets for the fridge and washing machine are in place.
I think I want a new cooker.....
Plasterers tomorrow.

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