Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sparkies are in.

They were meant to be here yesterday, but they were dealing with something else and couldn't make it until this morning.
So, 8.30am, I'm barely awake, only just had breakfast and not managed to finish my first cuppa of the day yet, and there's a knock on the door. A van full of electricians (sparkies). Three of them - nice blokes, friendly, considerate, getting the job done.
I'm having the house rewired. It's not my choice, it's my landlord, but it needs to be done and will give me extra sockets, better light fittings and outside lights at both front and back doors. It's going to be good.
But today, the carpets are up, rolled and piled all over the place. There are floorboards up, holes in the floors and cables trailing all over the place. The house is a mess, and cold where they're in and out for tools and equipment. And they're hammering, drilling, shouting up and down the stairs and .... actually, just getting the job done.
I don't enjoy this level of disruption - and tomorrow will be worse with the power off most of the day! It's work that has to be done, and will improve the house. It'll also mean I can lose some of the extension plugs I have in places. Extra sockets will make life tidier. It's a small price to pay for good things in the end.
Oh, and the kitchen is getting a nice new light. A bar with spotlights on - which, given the current shape of the kitchen, will be a huge improvement. Not that the kitchen is staying how it is for more than a couple of weeks now, but that's another post for another day.... Or, possibly, several posts over a few weeks - with pics.
I wonder how traumatised my cats are going to be? They're shut safely in the bathroom, but they're not used to that.

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